Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shade Within, and Undead Online

Well, it's been a few months. I had actually written a story a little more than a month ago with the intent of putting it on here, but it ended up being probably the most depressing story I've ever written, so I never did anything with it. Finally I got up off my lazy butt and wrote something else. This will probably be the last thing I post here until early November. I'm taking part in National Novel Writing Month this year(Again, but we'll not talk about last year, as it's forever tainted in my mind), and will be attempting an Action Semi-Sci-Fi by the name of Undead Online. I will post at least the first chapter here when I get the chance, and quite possibly up to chapter six. But, that's for a month from now, and for now, I have a short story.

Without further ado, this is:

Shade Within

The summonings had pecked into their target. Bhaskara was able to tell from the way the darkness quivered around him, the magic words echoing into them, transformed into sound in ears far, far away. It took less than a minute. His foe melted from the deepest shadow, one inky and black and somehow solid.

The city lived on around them, lights twinkling in windows visible from their rooftop like stars in a night sky, distant, but seemingly within reach. But Bhaskara knew in a few minutes they wold be out of reach forever. Itzal silenced the lighted panes with a wave of his hand, the entire city suddenly dark around them, its inhabitants immediately terrified, in fear of being infected with the darkness, the madness of the shade. But there was no need. Though Itzal could take them all in an instant, that wasn't what he was there for.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Shadow

Got another story here. This one's one that I've been planning on writing for a while but never really got around to writing. In the typical method of inspiration coming from strange places, the idea for this one actually arose while I was watching Pewdiepie playing a horror game in which he was being chased by a dark cloud. I said something along the lines of, "If I made this game then this would be like this....." And the idea developed from there.

Without further ado, this is:

The Shadow

I wake with something approaching surprise. A headache pounds through me, seemingly running through my whole body before retreating back into my cranium and finally fading to a dull ache in my right temple.

For a second, something seems to fill my hand. Something heavy, not just with physical weight but emotion as well. Then I clench my hand, and it's gone.

I glance around. Sepia tones surround me, like an ancient photograph brought to life. I lay in a nondescript bed, surrounded by others, all perfectly made with something approaching agonizing detail. And all unoccupied. Tables with sharp implements shine, as best they can in the strange light, underneath lamps that do nothing to light my space. I flick the switch on one, then inspect it to find the bulb broken.

What has happened? The last thing I remember is...

What is the last thing I remember?

Friday, April 4, 2014

The second story I'll post utilizes an idea even older than Watcher's, an idea so small it was pretty much two sentences. It was so small I'm not even going to explain it. But, I was going through my notes and decided I could develop it pretty well into a one-shot story, so I sat down and wrote for about an hour and a half and this is what I ended up with. And yes, I realize this post will be higher up on the blog than the first and so it doesn't make much sense to call it the "second story", but I don't know what to do about that other than do the posts backwards, which makes even less sense to me.

Anyway, without further ado, this is:

The War Of Brothers

Itzal Walker sat on his knees, arms held out to the sides as shadows twined themselves around and around his supple form. He did not flinch or shiver as the shade attached to both itself and him, slowly, laboriously forged and spun by his assistants. The two demi-lords, Ascobal and Ascoran, ran their hands up his bare arms and the dark followed, until he was weighted down by the gloom that had collected into spikes and plates that were harder than even steel forged in will-fire and quenched in vampire blood. The making of his ceremonious armor was an honor, although it was one all his own. By the end of the next night, the twins would almost certainly be dead, their blood seeped from their bodies, and their work undone by their passing.

They stood by his flanks, and his army by them. The moon hung high in the dusk, directly overhead and a little in front, as if it were the line between him and his foes. Across this imaginary, soon to be broken, line, these enemies stood as if he were looking in a mirror. At their head, one that he recognized all too well. He thought to call out, the familial bond strong within his heart, but decided they would meet sooner than he wanted already. He sighed as the moon itself seemed to swell, ticking and throbbing with the beat that would soon reach a crescendo and call the war to open. Then the night's calm, something he wished could last forever, was broken by a battlecry, then shattered further by an answer from his own side. And then the night itself was lost in battle.

First off, I'll post something that I finished rather recently. For this one, the original idea was someone who puts themself into a coma, waiting for the day they're needed. And that was literally it. I had no idea what to do with it because I wanted to develop it into a novel. But then I, quite recently, read a collection of short stories titled Bone Diamond by a very good writer named Michael John Grist. This book completely changed my view on short stories and inspired me to err a little farther away from full length novels and come back to my roots in short stories with a new, fresh style. I absolutely recommend reading his work and visiting his blog at:

Now, without further stalling for the ninjas to close in on your house, this is:


Blue sky.

Silver water. Stretching away for eternity, cool, glistening, soft around his ankles.

Her. Next to him. Gold hair soft as silk. Red lips like warm fire on pale sand.

He leaned in, reaching for a kiss. Their lips touched and...

He woke.

I'm back.

Yep. It happened. In fact, it probably happened a long time ago, I just didn't see the point in posting my stories where people could see them. But, it happened anyway. Blogger made an update that fixed the spacing problem that killed this blog before. So, I'm rebooting this blog. I could delete all the old posts and start fresh, and I still might, but for now I'll just leave them there for continuity. Just be warned, if you scroll down far enough, you'll find writing from about two years ago. In fact, if you do, I hope you'll see how far I've come in nearly two years.

In the last two years, I've developed pretty well as a writer. I moved from unpublishable gimmicky stories to planning novels and writing short stories that could actually be something. At some point I might start talking about what I'll be working on a few months from now, but for now I'll take it as it comes and just post some stories that I've worked on recently.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Now that I've calmed down, I guess I'll explain what the problem is.

When I copy and paste my stories from Open Office into a post, it triples all the line spacing. So this:
!                                                                                                                                                                         !

Becomes this:
!                                                                                                                                                                         !
!                                                                                                                                                                         !
!                                                                                                                                                                         !

Now, that completely ruins the story, because it turns a ten page story into a twenty page story. It doesn't look like I want it to, and it's just plain annoying. And to make matters even worse, if I delete two of the lines, so that in the post it looks like I want it to, it could just end up with no lines at all between the two paragraphs when it shows up on the blog, which means I have to go back and fix it again. I'm basically telling the interface to give me a preview every two paragraphs so that I know what it looks like before I've done too much. All in all, it translates into anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour of work, just to get one post on here.

This has been going on since I started this blog, but before the last update I could at least predict how many lines I needed to delete to have it look good. Now it seems to be completely random. It definitely changes depending on how long the paragraph is, I know that for sure.

So, I'm leaving blogger, and starting a blog with some other service. I hate to do that, because it took me a week to get this one looking the way I wanted it to, but I just can't keep doing this. I'd wanted to finish and post AFV War in it's entirety on the one year anniversary of this blog, but with the way this has been going, there's no way in hell I'm spending three to five hours editing forty to fifty pages of triple spaces.

Maybe I'll come back in a few months to see if it's been fixed, but until then I'm going to try some other service. I'll post a link to the new blog when I have it up.


EDIT: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ton of censoring...

I'm not even posting the second and third endings to the last story I posted. I'm not trying again. When I spend half an hour, twice, deleting all the extra spacings, only to have the damn browser crash when I'm not even halfway done both times, there's got to be some special agenda against me. I'm finding a new provider, and I'm transferring everything over to a new blog.